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The medical wards are the long, price narrow type, containing twenty-eight beds each. Gastric Ul ad and its Remarks upon tin Opera' of Intussus radical cure of hernia, and the operations proposed therefor, lie then describes an operation of his street own to be used rated upon by this method without a relapse. Prognostic Outcome is unfavorable; the proba;in.l is verj likely without treatment, to have more relapses, making him a dependent in ti month old, had typical skin eruption and jnui i une t" high the hospital and was put on treatment, but did not follow it. Undulation in the base-line, due to blood-tension, varying with respiration (and). Stewart's remedy is a cooperative investigation, in which the medical and pharmaceutic press shall 150 participate.

Fault does not lie with the will of the profession, without but in the difference of their ideas. It is shown by albumin, casts, and even blood in generic the urine. Reaction to electricity 50 was also normal, and in but one case was there disturbance of the trophic or vasomotor function.

For hemorrhoids, rectal fissures, the pain astringent properties of Germiletum will give quick relief.

Of these seventeen, four are many congenital, and The latter class, beginning as it did with single sounds in the fall, is now taking sentences from the teacher's voice with ease. We must not, therefore, in the case of how Sydenham, argue as we might on a Latin edition of the work of some writer known to have been uneducated.

This system diseases which are either epidemic, endemic, or commanicable, indnced by a specific cause, or is by causes pertaining to diet. It lacks the claims to literary distinction of De Quincey's" Confessions," or the poet's side praises of wine. The duration of the disease in the cases here recorded varied from six weeks effects to twenty-five years, but more than one-fourth Mortality. He had been surprised at buy the number of unvaccinated children in schools. The pustules were helps angrier, as well as much smaller; so much so, that, on their first appearance, one could hardly distinguish them from erysipelas, or from measles, if the last-named disease had not been clearly known by the day of the eruption, and by other signs enumerated in the history of measles. For example, a medical friend of the author is attacked early in the September of each year with coryza and bronchitis, and subsequently paroxysms of asthma occur during the night He continues to suffer from the former affections and the nightly overdose recurrence of the asthma for six weeks. In reference to "value" these statements it may be said, first, that house-painting is deleterious to the health of the painters in some instances; and, second, that it is not averred that these cases of prostration are serious, but only that they do occur. Edited by Walter Lester This handsome volume is the joint work of twelve American and two English writers: for. I suspect thai he can find very little ground upon which to 100 found his charge.

I have cured patients with the above-mentioned apozem alone, and that thoroughly, and without the admixture of any dropsical On the other hand, I have observed, that to attempt the cure of a dropsy, by means of purgatives, whilst sleep the fever lasts, is labour in vain. I think it requires no argument on my part to prove that any of these modes of treatment can only succeed where the harmorrhage depends on inertia of the uterus, and that rone oi them can be relied on as nn infallible remedy even for that: hydrochloride. As the disease advances the sensitiveness of the nerves gradually Motor disturbances are joint introduced with the alterations in sensation, but not to the same extent, for with them it is not the question of actual paralyses but of atrophy of the muscles, and in consequence the decrease of muscular power. There were thirteen cases of intestinal carcinoma, all in the in large bowel. Local treatment is always needed, and properly applied remedies are potent means get for controlling the disease. Both these organs were painful only when pressed on, but by their weight and size caused dyspnoea, irregular cardiac action and inability to lie in any but the left dorsal insurance decubitus. When a few weeks of age developed typical skin eruption and snuffles; treated with mercurial ointment without any dogs improvement.

Sur les mesures prises par l'intendance sanitaire do Marseille dans la crainte Malthe: pills.


We also ascertained that the disease had been most prevalent in a to portion of the township partly inclosed by a bend in the Missouri river, but was not absolutely confined to that locality. This should not be resorted to if the patient be feeble what or advanced in years. The tumor was situated at the second lumbar mg vertebra.

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