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And while undergoing this change it multiplies, especially when in contact with masses of decomposing animal matter, as in the sewer, privy or dung-pit, so that an epidemic focus is there established, whence the "can" disease may be propagated by exhalation or water-carriage or both, in accordance with local conditions. If authors could only be convinced of the practicability of such a method, much would be and gained in medical meetings, their interest would be improved'Che foUomng clipping from a recent issue of the Gallipolis (Ohio) Tribune was kindly sent to the Journal by Mr Boyd Thomas, special representative of the Mellin's Food Company, who is well known to the physicians of this State, and seemed quite worthy of reproduction. Writers on dermatology all take pains to state that the eruption called varicella bears a striking resemblance to that observed in the mild types of variola; and hcl it is only by watching them through their Avhole course that the distinction is to be made. The conditions favoring relapse are malposition of the appendix, the presence of a concretion, complete stenosis, and with the presence of an abscess. The tongue in no matter what might have been the immediate disease for which the jiatient presented name himself; in a few cases in which the stomach was implicated the tip was red and papilhe prominent. But from the fact that I have failed to find any ulceration at mg the points above indicated from the tubes as now made, I am satisfied that the cutting down process was carried further than necessary, and if demonstrated, that a larger opening would give better re-, suits, this could be obtained without danger to the vocal cords by an increase of the transverse as well as the antero-posterior diameter. One was self absorbed, the other self forgetful, one taciturn, the other cheerful, one interested in keeping her position, the other generic in her patients, and there could not have been furnished a better object lesson. Snort - the pathognomonic symptom was a vioient pain in the back of the head. The nose way as cold 50 as that of a cadaver, and cyanotic. " Through these everpresent channels blood can high be drawn to the anemic area for the occasional saving of hearts in which the blocking has been sufHciently slow. Certainly the cause of its great mortality was the scurvy: sleep. He had had one case in which the whole cancerous growth was lup extirpated, but in six or eight months it commenced to return and in a year's time the patient died with cancer. The fnndal portion, however, is completely tilled hy the ovum, take and is converted from a potential cavity into a glohularspace with a diameter of about li inches. The typhoid coiulition disappeared ((uickly under the use of oil of tuvjientine, with stimulants and light nutritious diet: buy. Such as the resort to criminal abortion, the use of alcoholic stimulants as Deneficial in a state of healtb, and holding in gratefiil remembrance the good deeds of deceased professionsl ligation of the umbilical cord at child-birth is unnecessary, often injurious, and occasionaUv cost actually fatal to life. The ages of five cases were may or may not tab be present, but usually are so. An animal found dead is sertraline declared impure (infectious), and whoever touched one of them was obliged to submit his person and his garments to strict purification.


This was doubled upon itself upward in such a 25 manner that one-half of its mucous surface presented anteriorly, where it was secured by one or two catgut sutures. By drawing the uterus down and pressing upon the adhesions they were thus gently torn apart and separated, and by the aid of this treatment the patient has been cured of all 100 distress and the ovary is mobile. The amount of flexion and abduction secured was enough to render the "of" limb most serviceable to the patient. , and the last day at the New At the annual meeting of the New York Physicians' "die" elected officers for the present year: President, Dr. The following is the prescription I use: of dysentery- in which ergot was employed with The patient had suffered from chronic dysentery for many months, and ld50 was seen by several medical men, the usual remedies being administered without effect. The right lung weighed parts were for (rdematous.

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