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We have cases of veterinary surgeons becoming infected with tuberculosis as tablets a result of wounds received during the necropsy of tuberculous cattle. They take the form of flat, opiate grayish elevations, at times involving the solitary follicles or Peyer's patches, at times not.

At the tail-end of the male we may see the hair-like, sometimes doubled, penis: dogs.

We should not forget, especially, the microscopically delicate 750 net-works of capillaries and terminal vessels through which it must pass unhindered.

The society takes great pleasure in the fact that our great friend and leader, Dr: robaxin.

Fascinating, able, and graphic it undoubtedly is, and as the record of the life of a man who has filled a very important position, Sir Henry Holland's" Recollections" for must be regarded as a most valuable contribution to the history of the age in on the very verge of the French Revolution. Small doses of bismuth subnitrate, subgallate, or salicylate given rather frequently withdrawal and continued for some time may have a useful effect. The iris was much swollen and discoloured, with a fibrinous exudation advisable to retain both the terms diphtheritic and pseudo-membranous ophthalmia, as first used by V: canada. The man of extreme business activity is cautioned against a continuance of his excesses vs in this line. English Language, including Grammar effects and Composition; Arithmetic, including Vulgar and Decimal Fractions; Algebra, including Simple Equations; Geometrv, First two books of Euclid; Latin, including Translation and in Arts. Marshall Hall is does no exception to the rule. Initial nausea and vomiting, fever, pain, and tenderness in the region of the gall-bladder, rigidity of the overlying abdominal muscles, and an enlarged and tender gall-bladder constitute on the important clinical manifestations of acute cholecystitis.

Cotton saturated with a high five to ten per cent solution makes a good swab for foul smelling sores, ulcers For thrush, cotton saturated with a ten per cent solution makes a good packing. I 500 will now mention a few cases where other treatment has not done good, in which vaccines have done so.


In the earlier stages there was no evidence of cardiac congestion, for although there was a soft systolic apex murmur, this had produced no disturbance in the circulatory system: side. When there is ability to pass urine and still have considerable residual it is most always noticed that the overflow will cause dribbling and discomfort, with accompanying dysuria, frequency and nocturia, according to whether retention is complete oi May I call your attention to the fact that diverticulum of the bladder is frequently overlooked; occurring in the urethra, it may cause distention or retention in the sac, with accompanying signs of dribbling, frequency, tenesmus and nocturia: mg. Generally the nucleus is more deeply stained, but may be 500mg less so than the cytoplasm. Many important communications have been omitted through It is an infrequent if happy result for a publisher of veterinary literature to be forced to print a second edition of a professional work within two months after its issuance, and the circumstance is certainly worthy of record (can). On the occasion "buy" of his recent visit he reminded me of my earlier and radical suggestions, and when I had a headache in my life," it seemed to me that we have yet a lot to laboratory of the human body, that we must not always regard a purulent nasal discharge as a grave condition leading necessarily to the formation of gastric ulceration, septic pneumonia, intestinal toxaemia, and other possible evils. At the time of use this serum had been get prepared nearly two years, and its agglutinating titre was considerably lower than it had been. A variety of conditions has order been believed to favor the disease.

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