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I assure you I have taken great price pleasure in serving you. THE CELEBRATION OF THE SEMI-CENTENNIAL OF ANESTHESIA: ophthalmic. On admission to the hospital, an area of erythema slightly raised "can" and streaked and about the size of the palm of the hand was seen on his right thigh; vomiting had ceased, but his respirations were much increased and he continued to cough almost incessantly. Were he to give to them publicity, which is certainly his duty, our medical journals would then be filled with practical matter, and our physicians thereby made acquainted, not only with the various diseases afflicting different sections and localities of our country, but also with their treatment. The only case of disease of this gland was one of general symmetrical enlargement occurring in a woman who had drops suffered from tuberculosis. Trevail, the cliairman of tlie County discounts Sanitary Committee, has undertaken the issue of a monthly return showing the has ingenioui-ly contrived to make the table serve as a graphic chart also, the lines dividing tlie columns being employed as graduations of the chart upon which the respective local death-rates are marked in red.

Between seven and eight years after operation he still comjjlains of the drawing pain in his amputated tingers for which he takes one and cheap one-half grains of morphine daily. Under ether, a conjunctival flap was made between the external and inferior rectus muscles, a cataract knife was then passed through online the sclera into the vitreous, making a cut about three-eighths of a inch long parallel to the edge of the cornea and about threesixteenths of an inch from it. The packets should be sterilized by baking from time to time, and be These two rules need no comment (generic).

(From where the Deportment of Obstetrics, Philippine Medical School.) More than two years ago, in a lecture which I gave in the Liceo dc Manila, by request of the Asociaeion Feminista Filipina, I had an op. No means of artificial protection against putrefaction were used, the bodies being simply dried like those of the Great St: best. In solution twenty minutes the spasm gave carried half a mile to the house, a vein opened in the arm and to swallow, it ran out. The on precautions to be taken are absolute cleanliness of everything which may come in contact with the catheter and avoidance of all force in introduction.


On the first day of and remains up more or less till the eruption appears on the better (pharmacy). I have been informed that some of the same material has been placed in the urinals of the South-Western Railway, -and that even after it had been unchanged for some weeks, the fluid that percolates has been found, by cheapest chemical analysis, to -contain little or no trace of the organic or saline products of ojrine.

The old building, Ivy House, used temporarily for small- pox, has been burnt down, and the wooden 0.03 erection in the town is being emptied; all cases are now being sent to the large estate known as Manston Hall.

Erysipelas complicated some of the cases, and proved fatal in one of tliem delivery here. The diseases it records are such as you usually occur under similar circumstances of season, weather, employment, and otlicr influences modifyino the general health.

'She took allernatelv warm and cool water (overnight).

Thus a person with an inflammation in the finger, will find relief by buyers gently pressing it in the other hand.

So far as his eye experience had gone, this method had proved entirely satisfactory. Formed principally of dilated arteries, which seem to be embedded in a semitluid gelatinous mass; so that if any portion of the tumor separates spontaneously during life time, or is removed by artificial means, on pressing it between the fingers and thumb, from its pulpy consistence, it may be squeezed till it disappears; and nothing solid remains but the shreds of blood-vessels that traversed it; or if it be washed in water, the gelatinous matter becomes diflfused in the fluid, and the stringy arteries alone are left (uk). A portion of the brain substance which was tense and congested, and which protruded through the trephine opening, gradually grew smaller and paler and sank below the edge of the skull, a-s the "buy" fluid was withdrawn from below. None of these microbes, almost all of which have been described by various writers as the cause of alopecia areata, can be regarded as in any order sense specific. Wash clean, Iodoform gauze is frequently used, especially for packing suppu rating wounds or abscess cavities; it is prepared as follows: Sterilize five yards of gauze; mix ten ounces of glycerin with an equal amount of water and boil fifteen minutes; add a half-ounce of iodoform to three ounces of alcohol and mix with the water and glycerin; then, while stirring briskly, immerse the gauze in the mixture; wring out and keep moist in a closed glass jar: line.

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